Chateau Moncontour

France – Château Moncontour

Located in the Heart of the Vouvray Appellation, Château Moncontour stands proudly and oversees the Loire River.

Château Moncontour used to belong to Tours’ bishop in the Fourth century. It then became a King’s property when Charles the Seventh, King of France, built it back in the fifteenth century for his mistress: Agnès Sorel. It burnt during the 1789 French revolution. Later on, the famous writer Honoré de Balzac, a lover of Château Moncontour, tred to acquire it with a mistress and future wife “The Stranger” Miss Hanska.

He did not succeed, but thanks to his famous Novel La Femme de Trente Ans, Château Moncontour will stay Forever.

Since 1994, with the same passion as their predecessors, the Feray Family has not stopped in their efforts to revamp the vineyard and to improve the winemaking cellar to make Moncontour vineyard one of the most beautiful and renowned of the Loire Valley.

The vineyard took a big part of Mr. Feray’s attention and energy. He did not hesitate to pull up some of the vines to replace with vines better fitted with the soil characteristics, so as to meet the new quality request of the estate.

Each parcel of vine receives specific attention (pruning, soil work, leaves stripping,…) according to the type of wine it is dedicated to.

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