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Maison Camille Giroud was founded by its namesake in 1865 and might well be called one of the first boutique negoçiants. The house made a name for itself with long-lived expressions of red Burgundy, some of which still rest quietly in the deep cellars underneath Beaune.

In 2002 Ann Colgin and Joe Wender purchased the company and installed 24-year old David Croix as winemaker and technical director of the estate. A bold choice that has proven to be an inspired one, as Croix has done a magnificent job.

David Croix is also a minimalist in his meticulously clean cellar, preferring gentle winemaking techniques and limiting his use of new oak. As such, his wines have a lovely sense of transparency that beautifully express the wide range of terroirs that Camille Giroud has access to.

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