USA – Limerick Lane

Our estate is comprised of fourteen separate vineyard blocks divided by three creeks, which run between Chalk Hill to the east and the Russian River to the west. The hills that define our boundaries provide exceptional southern and western exposure, and are comprised of some of the oldest and most weathered soils in the Russian River Valley, a combination of clay and rock. The clay holds water, gradually metering it out to the dry-farmed vines throughout the summer, while the rock warms and aerates the soil and allows the roots to penetrate deep down into the subsoil. Vine balance is achieved naturally via the low fertility of the aged clay soils, and the vines are resilient because of the slow steady water supply that encourages deep rooting.

The signature component at Limerick Lane is the tension created by two distinct climactic elements that converge at the site.

Cold nights and foggy mornings preserve striking levels of acidity, which leads to vibrant fresh, clean wines. Warm afternoons and rocky soils simultaneously create intense, rich flavors at lower than average Brix. These converging climatic factors combine to create age-worthy wines of unparalleled power and grace.

In addition to our unique climate, all of our Zinfandel blocks are field blended with varying percentages of old-world mixed black varieties, which offer another layer of complexity and mystery: Alicante Bouschet, Peloursin, Negrette, Mourvedre, Carignane, Syrah and Petite Sirah.

We use no pesticides, minimal herbicides, and only sulfur and oil for mildew protection. All of our blocks are minimally irrigated and/or dry farmed.


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Russian River Valley, California