South Africa  – Drift Estate: Bonfire Hill and Bruce Jack Wines

The Drift Farm provides a variety of altitudes, slopes, aspects and soil types; all which add to the complexity of the wines they make, but it is the extreme weather, bitterly cold in winter and astonishingly cool in summer that creates the real edge.

Their vineyards are straw-mulched to retain moisture in the soil, resulting in a saving of up to 40% water usage as well as suppressing weeds in the vineyards. They do not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides on The Drift Farm, rather preferring compost as a fertiliser.

The farm is isolated and tranquil, offering a beautiful breathtaking respite from the rush of everyday life. It is also a working farm growing delicious organic vegetables, producing world-class extra virgin olive oil and making finely crafted wines of exceptional quality.

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Western Cape,  South Africa

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