Ontario Team – Aprile Duda

Aprile Duda
Territory Manager


Favourite Wine Memory
I was in Austria for a conference and we had eaten at this wonderful old restaurant. ( I know old in Austria goes without saying). After dinner we were led to a 300 year old wine cellar and treated to some pretty spectacular wines. Unfortunately, not being in the business at the time, I didn’t realize how important it was to remember the wine or the restaurant, but it was amazing. Of course, that memory was no comparison to the trip “down under ” with my Lifford family! This time I wrote everything down!

Favourite Grape
It depends on the day, season and social!

Previous Life
I sold car rentals, intimate apparel, chocolate, rice and pet food.

First Job
Flipping burgers at the Red Grill in Woolco. (I think I just dated myself).

Proudest Childhood Moment
Playing the part of one of the lead “Cows” in our elementary school play. Ok, you can stop laughing now!

Your Indulgence
PJ day and a good book.

Your Inspiration
My family and friends…you know who you are!

Your Retreat
Kahshe Lake is my retreat. Sitting on the dock with my “peeps” and, of course, a cocktail or two!

Famous Person You’d Most Like to Meet
Oprah Winfrey, because she has come so far in her life and overcome such huge hurdles to get there.

Actor Who Would Play You in the Film of Your Life
I’d like to think Jennifer Aniston would play the role of Aprile Duda (cause we look alike right? LOL)

Title of Your Autobiography
Through the Good and the Bad…We Survive