Astoria Prosecco DOC




Pale straw, light mousse Prosecco, with candied lemon, pear and apple aromas. It has a dry, elegant style with simple fruit flavours.

Now available at the LCBO. Quantities are limited. Click here to find a store near you:  593855.






The Winter Berry Holiday Cocktail

4 cups cranberry juice 

2 cups apple juice 

1/3 cup strawberry-flavoured syrup (grenadine bar syrup also works)

1 bottle Astoria sparkling wine

fresh or frozen cranberries, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries for garnish

water and sugar for rimming the glasses (optional)



Add the cranberry juice, apple juice, and strawberry syrup to a large pitcher and stir well until combined.

Rim glasses with sugar by moistening the rim of the glass with water and then dipping the rim of the glass in sugar (place some sugar on a plate).

Fill each glass half full with the juice mixture and add a few berries to each glass as well, placing a strawberry on the rim of each glass.

Top it up with the sparkling wine.

Recipe Notes

Feel free to make this cocktail in a large pitcher for your guests to serve themselves (add the sparkling wine straight to the pitcher), or use a punch bowl for a more elegant presentation for a holiday party.

Add some ice if you wish, and don’t forget to add lots of fresh berries for a gorgeous presentation!