Australia – Greenstone Vineyards

There are some very serious people behind this brand new project in Heathcote, Victoria. David Gleave was born and educated in Canada, but has lived in the UK since 1978. He has worked in the wine business since 1981, and became a Master of Wine in 1986. He runs Liberty Wines there, which is nearly (but not quite) as good as Lifford. Alberto Antonini studied agronomy at the University of Florence, after which he did post graduate work in Bordeaux and University of California at Davis. That is fairly reputable. Mark Walpole is one of Victoria’s leading viticulturalists.

The soils here are rich in iron and calcium and this offers a great combination of mineral complexity and balancing acidity to the rich and dense wines of Greenstone Vineyard. The rows are planted in an east-west rather than north-south direction. The orientation of the rows protects the grapes against the fierce summer sun, ensuring a more gradual ripening process. (That is unless you happen to be in the front row.) This results in livelier and more elegant fruit in the wines.

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