Ontario Team – Brendan Jerome

Brendan Jerome
Territory Manager
Northern Ontario/Collingwood


Favourite Wine Memory:
Drinking a $20 Bolgheri with my wife at an old school Italiano Trattoria the day I got my first test score back from my WSET Level 2 Exam, I was so stoked to find out my results and had my first thought about what it would be like to leave restaurants for good to pursue a career in the Wine Industry…. A fond memory and still one of the best bottles of wine I’ve had to date!

Favourite Grape:
A truly impossible question to answer as this always changes and is ever-evolving. As of right now its a tie between Pinot Noir, Sangiovese & Syrah for Red and Chardonnay hands down for White.

Favourite Spirit:
Whiskey (Single Malt Scotch & Bourbon) & Gin

First Job:
Grocery Packer & Cart Guy @ Laporte Gardens when I was 14!

Lobster & Chardonnay/Quality Steak or Pizza with their suitable Red Wines & Ice Cream!

Previous Life:
Restaurants & Recording Studios

Your Inspiration:
My two sons, Lukas Brady Jerome & Koen Robert John Jerome.

Your Retreat:
Lake Fire BBQ Wine Music Friends & Family

Your Playlist:
Radiohead, Neil Young, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rolling Stones, Gorillaz, John Coltrane, Arcade Fire, Beck, Beastie Boys, Black Keys, Tame Impala, Kanye, Van Morrison, Broken Social Scene, CCR, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Oscar Peterson, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Tom Petty, & a whole lot more….