Chile – Viña La Rosa

Established in 1824 by the Ossa Family, Viña La Rosa is one of Chile’s oldest wineries, and is renowned for its award-winning, consistently excellent estate-grown and bottled wines.

Our history began in 1824 when don Francisco Ignacio Ossa y Mercado, an important miner from the north of Chile, decided to buy a hacienda for his first-born son, Gregorio Ossa Cerda. Don Francisco fell in love with the beauty of the Cachapoal valley, situated 120 kms south of Santiago. In this magical place, he found fertile lands and vineyards surrounded by the Cachapoal River and the Andes Mountain Range.

The owner of the estate at that time was Manuel Blanco Encalada, the first president of Chile and a leading personality in our national history. When don Francisco Ossa bought the estate the sale included wine barrels, cellars, vines imported from France (well before phylloxera hit the vineyards in Europe) and the estate’s main house.

Today, Viña La Rosa proudly shows the results of the enormous development that the company underwent during don Recaredo Ossa’s (also affectionately known as “don Reca”) management in the 1930s.

From 1987, Ismael Ossa Errázuriz, don Reca’s son, has shown the same passion for the land and the wine as his ancestors. Don Ismael represents the sixth generation of the Ossa family, and continues the tradition of supervising the production of high quality, estate-grown and bottled wines from the Cachapoal Valley.

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