Mission Statement

  1. To set and meet the highest service standards.
  2. To stay attuned to the needs and values of our clients.
  3. To travel the world seeking exclusive wines and spirits from exceptionally dedicated producers.
  4. To give back to the community.
  5. To be part of the solution in the ecological challenge that faces our world.

Lifford Wine & Spirits

Welcome to Lifford Wine & Spirits. Our mission since 1978 has been to source the finest and rarest wines, spirits and beers of both exceptional quality and value, provide exemplary service and give back to our community. We are guided by passion, commitment and true love of the culture of wine, spirits and beer.

Since our humble beginnings as a two-person operation, Lifford Wine & Spirits has grown to become one of Ontario’s largest supplier of premium wines, spirits and beers to the restaurant and hotel trade.

Our relentless pursuit of excellent products at exceptional prices has not gone unnoticed by the toughest critics in Canada … Canadians! We are grateful for such enthusiastic support and are humbled by our responsibility to stay attuned to the needs and values of our clients.