Ontario Team – Despina Triantos

Despina Triantos
Sales & Marketing Specialist


Favourite Grape:
Asking me for my favourite grape is like asking me which niece I like the best! All of them!

Favourite Spirit:
Hands-down … GIN!

Previous Life:
A competitor…

What Makes You Proud of Canada:

First Job:
Towers Department Store … in a bright red polyester suit…

Proudest Childhood Moment:
Making a light bulb light up during some science class.

Your Indulgence:
Buck-a-shuck happy hour.

Your Inspiration:

Your Retreat:
Depending on the weather, under an umbrella near the ocean, or by a lake in front of a campfire.

Your Playlist:
Anything that CFNY (or as kids these days call it 102.1 The Edge) is currently playing

Famous Person You’d Most Like to Meet:
Toss up between David Grohl and Tom Morello

Actor Who Would Play You in the Film of Your Life:
Apparently I remind people of Tina Fey … so Tina Fey!

Title of Your Autobiography:
#JustDespina and how she lived her life, one restaurant at a time