France¬†– Ch√Ęteau Cazal Viel

The superb terroir of Cazal Viel was first planted by Roman warriors, the ruins of their villas and an ancient well still stand on the grounds of the estate. For almost 6 centuries (from 1202) the monks of the local Abbaye de Fontcaude crafted their wine at Cazal Viel. Following the French revolution (1789), the Miquel family acquired the estate and thus began the Miquel legacy of wine producers. The present generation (since 1980) continues this great tradition of quality independent winemaking.

Cazal Viel is situated in a spectacular region at the foothills of the Caroux mountains. The Mediterranean climate coupled with our intimate knowledge of the soils means we can nourish and protect the vines without the use of excessive chemicals or pesticides and work in harmony with nature to produce our wines.

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