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Isabelle & Jean-Luc bought a 350 years Catalan viticulture property in 2005. In the past, the Domaine-Ferriol’s wines were famous and purchased by Napoleon III and the Queen of England.

The property had been abandoned for 50 years therefore Isabelle & Jean-Luc decided to renovate the buildings and to cultivate the vineyard according to the rules of organic method in order to produce natural wines.

At harvest, ripe grapes are selected on the vine and hand-picked, placed in cold rooms and pressed in a pneumatic press. Then the transformation of grape juice into wine occurs in a natural way : using indegenous yeasts only, no fining method, no filtration, no oenological products and no sulfites at any time of the process.
Our two winemakers believe that one of the fundamental tenets for producing expressive and living wines is a healthy vineyard with soil that is full of life, bugs, natural yeasts and a thriving ecosystem.

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