France – Domaine Weinbach

Domaine Weinbach is one of the great domains not just of Alsace, but of the world. Blessed with some of the region’s best vineyard sites, Colette Faller and her daughters Catherine and Laurence have not been content to let this be their greatest distinction. Instead they have maintained a quiet determination to make the finest possible wines vintage after vintage no matter what the cost. Weinbach was established by the Capuchin monks in 1612. The Faller family have only had it since 1898. Still, we think they have made good use of that time.

Weinbach is one of our Biodynamic estates and they have been working this way since 1998. Biodynamic growers use a calendar which takes into account the interactions of the sun, the moon and planets in order to let the Earth live by respecting its cycles and its environment. It is a far more time consuming and laborious method than “traditional” farming. In short, they work in harmony with nature. Biodynamics allows nothing unnatural or foreign to enter the vineyard. What is produced from that vineyard is therefore an accurate and pure reflection of the terroir. When that terroir is a vineyard of Domaine Weinbach, then this is something we can all celebrate.

If you are wise enough to make room in your cellar for great whites then you want these wines in your collection. If we don’t have any left, ask to be put on the list.

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