France – Domaine Zinck

If Alsace is an area you are yet to explore, then let Paul Zinck be your guide. We have been working with this father-son team since the end of the last millennium and it is easy to explain why.

Their wines typify this glorious region with their purity of fruit, depth and minerality. They are dry wines that adapt better to food than any wines I can remember. That is no small statement. I drink a lot.

The English version of their website is almost as hard to read as their wines are easy to drink, but the heart of the matter is this. Paul brings to his work years of experience and a dedication to the tried and true traditions of Alsace winemaking. In turn, his son Phillipe incorporates his years of learning and the best of modern winemaking techniques. In the end, rather than a fist-fight, they have arrived at a harmonious and balanced approach to making great wine. If you think this is all talk, try a bottle. I have found that silences all the critics. These are wines of rare quality and the prices we are able to pass on give testament to the fact that great value can still be found in France.

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