France – Jean Bourdy

Jean-Francois Bourdy is a 15th generation winemaker in the mountainous Jura region of eastern France. Fifteen generations – that is not a typo! Bourdy is the direct descendant of a line of winemakers that stretches back to the founding of the domaine, sometime between 1475-1500. (The records are a bit dusty.) This makes Caves Jean Bourdy one of the oldest continually operating wineries in the world.

The domaine makes a Crémant, a Chardonnay, a tripartite red blend of Pinot Noir, Trousseau and Poulsard, an oxidized Savagnin, as well as Vin Jaune and a small quantity of precious Château-Chalon. Winemaking is done in the same way it has always been done at the estate– with minimal intervention and lengthy barrel aging in the cold, deep cellars. Key to the unique style of Jura wines is the role of oxygen – it is not treated as a foe to be avoided at all costs, as it is in most modern cellars. Rather, it is a friend. As the wine evaporates, the barrels are not topped up, leaving a small amount of air in contact with the wine. It is this interplay between wine and oxygen that gives these wines their lovely nutty and savoury qualities that make them so special. It is also what gives them an ability to age gracefully for decades or longer.

While the winemaking recipe remains unchanged, the Bourdys are not resting on their laurels. Biodynamic certification was received from Demeter in 2006. There is a bright future ahead for this domaine with such a long and eminent past. We are thrilled to be able to bring these unique treasures to your table.

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