Ontario Team – Gaby Harper

Gaby Harper
Accounts Manager


Favourite Wine Memory
Antibes, Southern France, where, years ago, we spent a glorious vacation at a house that has a year-round outdoor kitchen with a stone grill (need I say more…) – dinner preparation: picture the golden-tone sunlight of the Mediterranean, super-green trees, a truly blue sea in the background, a light breeze and: a large orange-white tomcat sitting on the harvest table, guarding paper bags from the market, baguettes and lettuce sticking out, some tomatoes and apples strewn about as if posing for a painting…Oh, the wine, right: our host got it from “around the corner”, and it was cheap, he said – he goes there every day. Perfect Côte du Rhône with perfect steaks in the best dining room imaginable, …my absolute fave number 1.

Favourite Grape

Previous Life
Story editor for film and TV – before that, I had worked in several different departments within the film/TV industry, for many years, in my home country Germany as well as here in Canada. This is the profession that taught me a lot of business skills, leadership skills, dedication to reliability and accomplishment and: very tough time lines.

Proudest Childhood Moment
That one day back in 1971 when I went out to try something new all by myself, like mowing our lawn with our spanking-new electric lawn mower. I did all of the grass-cutting, about one hectare of it, without cutting off my feet or worse, into my dad’s precious extension cord. I was mightily proud of myself.

First Job
Mowing our lawn every week. (I should add that I also tried to iron shirts by myself… what a mistake.)

Your Indulgence
I don’t have only one; I wouldn’t know where to start on this question…. Wine, yes, but you are going to yawn about this one, right?

Your Inspiration
I am inspired by nature, and by anyone who respects and honours it, works for it, lives from it and lives in harmony with it and anyone who finds it worth protecting as one of the great gifts life gives most of us for (almost) free.

Your Retreat
My retreat from office and business life is, of course, the outdoors. I am happy to sit in my garden after work and watch birds, trees, my flowers growing, “our” groundhog and “our” skunk scurrying about… And when my dog is with me, chewing happily on a bone too big for her, I am in heaven, almost in heaven that is, until I also have a bottle of good wine plus a good person to talk to. That is paradise.

Your Playlist
The music in our house comes out of 1000-Watt speakers… my favourites are Linkin Park, U2, Yes, to name a few. And lots of classical music (i.e. Jessye Norman’s rendition of the Four Last Songs … I love that piece)