Germany – Pfungstädter

The Pfungstädter Brewery was founded in 1831 by Justus Hildebrand. Today the Pfungstädter Brewery is one of the few medium-sized breweries in Germany that is still 100% family owned. For generations, Pfungstädter has stood for sustainability and innovation as well as regional solidarity in South Hesse. Pfungstädter is the largest family owned brewery in the State. It’s fascinating to look across the globe and see how passionately beer-lovers will discuss the varioustastes beer can offer. At Pfungstädter Brewery, we know that taste is upfor debate whereas quality is not. This is why we havenever made compromises for almost two hundredyears when selecting our ingredients such as wheat,barley, brewing water, hops or yeast. What applied to Justus Hildebrandt, applies to usin the same way: only the best raw materials fromthe region are placed in Pfungstädter’s brewing kettles– a golden rule that you can taste – glass-by-glass.“

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