How to Order

Welcome to Lifford Wine & Spirits On-Line Ordering Service!

– For Ontario Residents only

Please take a moment to review our easy-to-use directions. You will be taken through three phases;

  1. Registration & Log-In
  2. Order Selection
  3. Order Completion / Cart Review and Check-out

If you need help at anytime please contact us directly. Our telephone numbers are listed below.

Let's Begin!

1. Registration / Log-In

  • If you are already registered as a Lifford customer, please proceed direction to selecting your order.
  • If you have not registered, you will be prompted to complete a new account form and submit it to Lifford for verification and approval at the time of ordering. Please note that new accounts may take up to 24 hours to verify.

2. Order Selection

You can select your order in various ways;

  • Select by Name – use the search function, simply type in the name of your product and it will be displayed.
  • Select by Producer, Country or Varietal and click “Filter”.
  • Select the quantity – orders are in cases only.
  • To review your order – you can check your cart at any time by clicking on the “ Cart” button at the top of the order form.
  • To de-select an order, simply click on the X beside your order in the cart.
  • When your order is complete – click “Check Out”.

3. Order Completion / Cart Review and Check-out

  • Once you have clicked “Check Out” you will be brought to your check out page.
  • If you are already a registered Lifford customer, simply click on the prompt provided on that page for “Returning Customers”.
  • If you are not a registered Lifford customer, you will be prompted to complete the on-line information and submit along with your order.
  • Upon completion of your order you can simply select “ Place Order”.
  • You will receive a confirmation email of your order.
  • Your order will be sent immediately to a Lifford Customer Service Representative for processing.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We do not keep your credit card information. You will receive a telephone call from your Lifford Customer Service Representative for each order. They will ask for your credit card information at that time and confirm product availability and arrangements for delivery.