Italy – Fattoria di Fèlsina

Simply the best producer of Chianti wines in the world today…well, in Chianti. It is the same thing. The history of Fèlsina stretches back to medieval times, but the greatness of their wines can be dated to 1961. It was then that Domenico Poggiali acquired the buildings and 57 hectares of vineyards. They are now in the hands of his son-in-law Giuseppe Mazzocolin, who has brought inspiration to Chianti. Giuseppe and wine consultant Franco Bernabei have been at the forefront of experimentation to find the best ways of blending and vinifying Sangiovese. Here they make Rancia, the rival of any of the finest Brunellos or Vino Nobiles. With Fontalloro they have taken the risk of using what they consider to be a combination of the best sites at the expense of a Classico denomination. (Two of the sites lie outside the zone.) The wine repays the gamble. That having been said, they also make the best Chianti Classico on the market. You get the idea. Our enthusiasm is shared by the critics and wine lovers everywhere. Come back to Chianti. There might not be the Raffia bottles, but these are wines as evocative as the region itself.

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Chianti, Toscany