Italy¬†–¬†Fattoria Zerbina

Cristina Geminiani has already gained international recognition as the shining star of Emilia Romagna and a firm member of the Italian constellation of producers. Why haven’t you tried her wines yet? Are we out of stock again? If not, do yourself a favour. If you like purity of fruit, if you like focus and concentration, if you like elegance, if you like cherries; try her wines. Sangiovese, like most noble grapes can be dire in the wrong hands. Have you ever had an under-ripe Chianti? No? You haven’t lived. Watery and acidic are flavours we should all enjoy. In the right hands Sangiovese rivals Pinot Noir for elegance and fruit that makes it the perfect accompaniment to almost any food. It takes on a grace that makes you want to be Italian. These wines excel at each and every price point and Cristina’s single minded determination to preserve and improve quality means we can safely say they will continue to excel. We like to talk about finding great wines before the market realizes what they are. Here we have done it, but I fear it can’t last long. These wines are bargains on their way to being icons.

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