Alberta Team – Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson
Territory Manager
Red Deer/Calgary and Suburbs

Favourite Wine Memory
Italy and prosecco in the afternoons…

Favourite Grape
I have yet to taste one I didn’t like.

Previous Life
Hospitality industry/Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

What Makes You Proud of Canada?
When you travel, people love Canadians because we are understated but proud and inherently polite.

First Job
Flyer delivery girl, age 10.

Proudest Childhood Moment
Buying a horse.

Your Indulgence
French leather goods.

Your Inspiration
Many people every day, but mostly those who persevere.

Your Retreat
Family, friends, my dog, my garden.

Your Playlist
All of my sister’s favourite music. She made my playlist for me.

Famous Person You’d Most Like to Meet
Oscar Wilde or Robertson Davies, depending on the wine.