Meukow XO Cognac

Meukow XO is the fruit of the blend that combines the power of the tannins brought by the long ageing in oak wood barrels and the delicacy of Grande and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie with the sweetness of Fins and Bons Bois eaux-de-vie.






Meukow Crush


Meukow XO 5 cl – Mandarine liqueur 2 cl – Pineau Guerin Ruby 2.5 cl – Balsamic vinegar aged in a cognac barrel 1.5 cl – Meukow Cocktail Flavouring Regular 2 dashes

Refresh your Martini glass. Directly pour the ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice. Mix during a few seconds. Double strain into the cocktail glass. Gently put a maraschino cherry on the edge of the cocktail glass.