Ontario Team – Michelle Desroches

Michelle Desroches
Consumer Sales Manager


Favourite Wine Memory:
Finally finding a bottle of Jacques Selosse Champagne on the shelf of a little wine shop in Sienna. Chilling it down and sharing it at the end of a perfect day touring some Tuscan vineyards in September. I wanted my mind to be blown and it was.

Favourite Grape:
Chardonnay (from the coldest places), Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo

Favourite Spirit:
Gin when it’s hot, Scotch when it’s cold.

Previous Life:
Studied critical theory and gallivanted around Montreal for seven incredible years before deciding to grow up and get a ‘real job’ in wine.

First Job:
Sailing instructor.

Your Indulgence:
Taking a bath most nights of the week.

Your Retreat:
Late-night grilling with a glass of white at my cottage on Georgian Bay.