Ontario Team – Scott Merwin

Scott Merwin
Regional Sales Director
Ontario Consignment


Favourite Wine Memory
2005, my first and only visit to Quinta do Noval, a most breathtaking vineyard, producing one of the world’s most important wines, Vintage Port from Noval.

Favourite Grape
I do not have an official favourite grape. However, I know that Conni, my wife is most pleased when I bring up a bottle of Pinot Noir, it so happens that I maintain a great selection of Pinot Noir in the cellar.

Previous Life
I was very fortunate to travel the world with a snowboard strapped to my feet.

What Makes You Proud of Canada?
I have lived here for 41 years and it is still the country that I want to explore the most.

First Job
Washing dishes at Mississauga’s finest restaurant, Rogues, at age 15.

Your Indulgence
Vintage Port, cigar, exhausted after a great day of sailing. Sadly, this does not happen enough.  Stay tuned…

Your Inspiration
My three kids. They challenge me every day to balance all of my gifts.

Your Retreat

Your Playlist
My iPod (and every other electronic device) has been assumed by my kids. I have an interesting mix of Ben Webster, Barney, Elvis Costello, Crazy Frog, Cake, Pavement, Todd McHatton, Avett Brothers and Sublime.