Spain – Cérvoles

In 1997, after an intensive search for ideal plots and microclimates to plant new vineyards within the DO Costers del Segre, the owners of the two hundred-year-old winery Castell del Remei discovered the excellent characteristics of the vines and wines of La Pobla de Cérvoles and acquired the property that today is known as Cérvoles Celler.

They began a wide-ranging retraining of the vines in order to increase canopy size per kilo of grapes while improving vinification methods to improve the quality of the wines.

Thanks to the characteristics of the vineyards and of the area where they are located, the wines of Cérvoles Celler offer an optimal balance between alcohol content and acidity, with an intense colour and sharing a pronounced personality. This, together with painstaking attention to detail in each stage of the winemaking process, the result of a firm commitment to teamwork, has awarded Cérvoles consistent recognition from experts and numerous international prizes year after year.

Today, the approximately 80,000 bottles that are produced every year are marketed worldwide both in the on-trade and in wine shops, thereby reaching the most demanding consumers, who are anxious to discover and share new wines.

The Cérvoles wines are part of the select group Grandes Pagos de España, an association of wine estates across Spain which defends and disseminates the culture of ‘Single-estate Wines’ -wines produced in a specific estate that reflect the unmistakable personality of its soil, subsoil and climate.

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