ManagementĀ – SteveĀ Campbell

Steve Campbell
President (Grand Fromage)

What I Do
I run around while the Petite Fromage runs the company.
Favourite Wine Memory
Discovering wine.
Favourite Grape
Thompson Seedless. It reminds me not to drink plonk from the soulless purveyors of mass market wine.
Previous Life
I lived, breathed, and dreamt food in my 17 year career as a restaurant owner.
What Makes You Proud of Canada?
Our multi-ethnic community that works.
First Job
Shovelling cow manure.
Proudest Childhood Moment
Stopped shovelling cow manure.
Lake Muskoka
I am inspired by my teammates who do so much and ask so little.
Your Retreat
A glass of wine in my backyard.
Your Playlist
6,000 songs that are the soundtrack of my life.
Famous Person You’d Most Like to Meet
Winston Churchill
Actor Who Would Play You in the Film of Your Life
Woody Allen
Title of Your Autobiography
A Life in a Glass Half Full