Ontario Team – Taimi-Leigh Massey

Taimi-Leigh Massey
Regional Sales Manager


Favourite Wine Memory
Touring the vineyards of Burgundy on a Sunday with the Grand Fromage. No one was around; it was as if Burgundy had reserved its beauty for us that day. A beauty that seems unchanged from hundreds of years past.

Favourite Grape
Any one that’s been properly left to express itself. But as of late, Carmenere and Pinot Noir.

Previous Life
So many things. Film producer, dog walker, media relations consultant, scallop factory worker, waitress, bartender, greens maintenance, sushi chef, candy store employee, gift shop manager, stable management for Sunrise Equestrian, meat deli worker…to name but a few.

What Makes You Proud of Canada?
We’re open-minded.

First Job
Feeding a handful of salt to each horse every night. About age 3.

Proudest Childhood Moment
National Champions for Prince Philip Games (equestrian competition): Competing in Vancouver.

Your Indulgence
Chip trucks. Sturgeon Falls takes the prize.

Your Inspiration
My daughters.

Your Retreat
My camp in Chapleau, Ontario.

Your Playlist
Austra, Loco Dice, Civil Wars, Gorillaz, Gossip, Buck 65, Florence & the Machine.

Famous Person You’d Most Like to Meet
Eckhart Tolle who wrote the Power of Now.

Actor Who Would Play You in the Film of Your Life
I would play me in the film of my life.

Title of Your Autobiography
Can’t Tie Me