The Cab Project from BlankBottle | April 18, 2018

6 different bottles of Cabernet from South Africa’s cult winemaker

$44.99 / bottle (6 btls/cs)

Pieter Walser famously doesn’t put any details on his bottles. Consider it a lesson in not judging a book by its cover. He once had a woman visit his garage-style winery looking for ‘anything but Syrah’, which, as a test, is exactly what he served her out of a nondescript bottle. Spoiler alert: she loved it. The idea is to have the freedom to produce wines without restriction. Walser says he doesn’t make wine for people who are looking to get the same thing every time. Instead, his loyal fans trust him to produce balanced, compelling wines from the Western Cape that are always different, and always exciting. 

BlankBottle releases over 30 wines every year, about half of which will never be repeated. In 2017, Pieter worked with 35 varietals sourced from 60 different vineyards. He’s a bit of a mad scientist with the energy and imagination of a child. When he told us about his latest Cab project, we couldn’t resist. He put together a mixed case with six different bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon from different elevations. In keeping with Pieter’s philosphy, we’ll tell you only this:

2015 Unity – 116 meters above sea level
2015 HBK – 215 meters above sea level
2015 Mr Villa – 310 meters above sea level
2015 Toolbag – 310 meters above sea level
2015 Leaving the Table – 754 meters above sea level
2015 BUT WHY? 755 meters above sea level

After tasting through the last batch of wines that arrived from BlankBottle, we’re all in. Pieter’s wines are listed at some of the best restaurants in the world.

The deadline to order is Friday, April 27th, for delivery in 3-4 months.


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