Management – Tim Lang

Tim Lang
Vice President Sales & Marketing

Favourite Wine Memory

Wow, so many which is probably a sad reflection on my drinking habits. I think these memories are the most powerful & really connect people to a wine & place….if only we could package it we would have loyalty for life with our wines! 

For me it has to be South Africa, having lunch overlooking the Stellenbosch Mountains with my then girlfriend, now wife. We drank a lot of local wines….and didn’t drive for a long time afterwards.

Favourite Grape

I would have to go with Rioja (making me a Tempranillo fan really) and for whites I would say a Semillon/Chardonnay….back to South Africa again

Favourite Spirit

Casper the friendly ghost, although I have always been a bit partial to Oban Whiskey too

Previous Life

I was with Treasury Wine Estates, Constellation Brands, Labatt Breweries & a load of breweries in the UK & Ireland. Before all that I was a buyer at Sainsbury supermarket in England.

 Reading all that makes me feel very old.

What Makes You Proud of Canada?

Well they haven’t kicked me out yet, so a very kind government has to be up there. 

The thing that constantly amazes me about Canada is that people are proud to live here as well as being proud of their heritage. I have never seen a country before that celebrates both in this way. For me the World Cup is the best example of this. Driving around you see flags on cars from all over the world with one thing in common, there’s always a Canadian flag on display too.

First Job

Checkout operator at Sainsbury’s Supermarket…..or “on the pianos” as we used to call it

Proudest Childhood Moment

Beating my Dad at tennis the day before my 13th birthday

Your Indulgence

Salted Caramels….one is just never enough

Your Inspiration

Is it cheesy to say my Children? They constantly remind how to be a kid but then put me in my place when I’m out of line.

Your Retreat

Polzeath, Cornwall, England…best waves in the country & a ton of great memories

Your Playlist

Marillion, Santana, Pink Floyd, Joe Bonamassa, Iron Maiden, Gomez, ACDC, Colin James etc etc & of course a parent’s playlist wouldn’t be complete without some Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Tay Tay & Pitbull

Famous Person You’d Most Like to Meet

Didier Drogba, a Chelsea FC legend & all round decent bloke.

Title of Your Autobiography

“Just give me have a few more minutes please” That way I can try to make it into a trilogy

Questions best answered while drinking wine or spirit of your choosing

“Is it always Port that gives me a hangover, or the fact that I only ever drink it when I’m drunk already?”