USA – Barnett Vineyards

California has always been full of Canadians doing great things. Mary Pickford. Joni Mitchell. Wayne Gretzky. Add to that list Fiona Barnett, one half of the couple behind Barnett Vineyards, as well as Barnett winemaker David Tate.

Hal and Fiona Barnett started the winery in 1983 on a 40-acre plot atop Spring Mountain Road, 10 years before Spring Mountain was officially established as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) within the Napa Valley.

What is so special about Spring Mountain? It is all about Mountain Fruit, planted on 35° hillsides at 2000 ft that must be worked by hand. And not to drop names or anything, but winemaker David Tate knows a thing or two about working with great high-altitude grapes from his time at Ridge Vineyards.

Barnett Vineyards produces very limited quantities of these wines and we are lucky to get our hands on what few drops we can.

Fun facts:

• Winery home to one of the most stunning vistas in Napa County (Potential for use as a wedding venue, we hear…)

• Also craft delicious Pinot Noirs from excellent upstate cool-climate Pinot regions Anderson Valley and Green River of the Russian River Valley

• Have a Napa Valley-floor Cab called ‘Cyrus Ryan’ that makes a great comparative tasting with their mountain Estate Cab

Available in

Napa Valley, CA