USA – Honig Vineyard and Winery

At Honig, a 3rd generation family-owned and operated winery in Rutherford, they take their wine very seriously. But they don’t take themselves too seriously. Anyone who receives their annual postcard can confirm that. It’s nice to find such laid-back, fun-loving people in a Napa Valley that can come off as a little rigid at times.

Honig works only with two grape varieties, Sauvignon Blanc, and its more-heralded lovechild, Cabernet Sauvignon. While much of Napa has uprooted Sauvignon Blanc in favor of Chardonnay, Honig remains committed to SB and we’re happy they are. Their tropical yet bone-dry Sauvignon Blanc defines the Napa style and continues to be one of the best in the valley. And the Cabs are pretty delicious too.

Fun Facts:

• Michael Honig helped to write the Code of Sustainable Practices for the Wine Institute and was instrumental in developing the first sustainable certification for California wineries.

• Ask Michael about training Labrador puppies to detect vine mealy bug in the vineyards. (Or go here.)

• Be careful, you can lose hours of your life staring at their beautiful Sauvignon Blanc label.

Available in

Napa Valley, CA