Ironstone Vineyards

USA – Ironstone Vineyards

I am having a party and want a wine for around $20 that everyone will like. What should I get? Ironstone. Something “everyone” will like is never an easy call, and that is why I am so grateful to the Kautz family for making such approachable, top quality wines for such incredible prices. They are my go-to wines, because they are so consistently good. The fact that they make my mother-in-law’s favourite Chardonnay is a bonus. Another bonus is that they are such a great family. When we visited at the end of 2007, I was struck by how much they enjoy what they do and their willingness not only to share their passion for wine, but their passion for life. I encourage you to join them in taking the next step in their quality journey by trying the mind-blowing concentration of their Reserve wines. John and Gail Kautz and their family established Ironstone Vineyards in 1988, having grown grapes for more than 40 years previous. They made the estates base at Gail’s family ranch in Murphys in the Sierra Foothills. Today it is a place to visit for its Summer Concert Series, car rallies and gold panning as much as to sample the great wines that the family produces. Did I mention that they know how to have fun? Both John and Gail as well as their four children remain actively involved in the estate today. Ironstone wines are as easy to appreciate as the people who make them. Do so in good health.

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