Wine of the Week | New Zealand Pinot from Craggy Range | January 31, 2018

2016 Pinot Noir, Martinborough
$39.99 (12 btls/cs)

This time last year we were in sunny New Zealand walking through the immaculate vineyards of Craggy Range. The insanely impressive winery has been set up for success since its inception in 1997. Founder Terry Peabody invested liberally in the project and sought the help of local celebrity Steve Smith, a big-deal Master of Wine. Together they decided to focus on small batch, single-vineyard wines from various sub-regions, produced at two high-tech wineries. Matt Stafford, the head winemaker of twelve years, runs a tight operation informed by his degree in soil science. He walked us through the vineyard with infectious enthusiasm, pointing to the countless experiments that were underway using various vine clones, rootstocks, and cover crops.
This Pinot comes from select blocks within the sprawling Te Muna Road vineyard in Martinborough. The vineyard is separated into two terraces: the lower level with limestone suited to Sauvignon Blanc, and the higher shelf with stony clay-infused soils perfect for Pinot Noir. Compared to the darkly fruited and more opulent Pinots of Central Otago, those from Martinborough tend to be a little lighter on their feet, with red fruit and savoury spice. Matt does a number of micro-ferments and labels the barrels according to their personality (see below) before diving into with the final blends. In the way that dogs sometimes look like their owners, wines can uncannily resemble their maker. Like Matt Stafford, this Pinot is serious, modestly brilliant, and with inviting charm. 

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